Mechatronic Design

We provide mechatronic design service for factory automation.

  • Robot Arm
  • Customized tooling
  • Gripper
  • 3-axis platform
  • Conveyor
  • Liquid handling pump
  • Manufacturing Line

Recent Designs

Robotic Chocolate Name Plate Production System
Client: Maxim’s Cakes / St Honore Cake Shop

Situation: Our client would like to replace their manual production line with fully-automated robotic system

Our service includes:
– User interface design
– PC Programming
– Robot Programming
– Electronic Design
– Mechanical Design

“ChocoQuill” Chocolate 3D Printer

A real chocolate 3D printer developed by our team.
With our own brand “ChocoQuill”, we design electronics, software, web service, iPad software.
The products already recognized by our clients including Maxim’s Cake and St Honore Cake Shop

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