Electronic Design

We provide electronic PCB design service with low MOQ requirement.

  • IoT Sensor
  • IO Board
  • Motor Controller Board
  • 3 Axis Motion Control
  • MMI Touch Interface

Recent Designs

Motor Controller Board

Support 10 stepper motors
Support motor encoders
Support home and end sensors
Support 1 solenoid
S-shaped ramp generator for smooth acceleration

IO Board

Support Color Display
Support 6 RS232 Ports
Support 1 RS485/RS422 Port
Support 6 Input
Support 3 Output

“ChocoQuill” Chocolate 3D Printer

A real chocolate 3D printer developed by our team.
With our own brand “ChocoQuill”, we design electronics, software, web service, iPad software.
The products already recognized by our clients including Maxim’s Cake and St Honore Cake Shop

For more information: visit www.ihp.com.hk