Automation Software Solutions

We are experienced in automation software design

We are a team of talented engineers, experienced in various large scaled projects like MTR projects, Car park automation, Building automation etc.

Viki System Limited provide cost effective and high quality custom software solution.

Factory Automation

We provide integrated solution for automatic production line.
– PC programming
– PLC programming
– Robot arm programming
– Hardware/Software integration

Car Park Automation

We develop software for smart car park
– Automatic payment
– Digital image recognition
– Back-end reporting
– Hardware/Software integration

Building Automation / Data Collection

We provide integrated solution for building and infrastructures
– Power consumption data collection
– Remote monitoring
– Mobile monitoring

Electronic Payment System

We provide software solution for electronic payment solution
– POS System
– Octopus Payment System
– E-Payment System


Our Clients: Monitor PV power generation


The APP collect data from hardware automatically. It gives you measurable and visualized view

Mobile Version Web READY

We also provide a mobile web version without the need of installing an APP.


We can custom the design to best suit your business needs


It runs on Smart Phone & Tablet.


It capture on-site image instantly so that you know the latest condition of your site


Being notified when something goes wrong.

Our design flow

1. Consultation meeting

We discuss together to understand your needs and ideas.

4. Finished products

We deliver the completed solution in the scheduled time. We test together to ensure it is bug free and fully functional.

2. Design proposal

We put all our proposed design into a design proposal, discuss together to fine-tune it to best fit your business requirement and budget.

5. Support

We support you continuously. You will not be alone when facing technical problems.

3. Quick prototype

We build a quick prototype, iterate it to make sure there will be no missing functions or over engineered.


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